Spiritual Regression 

Life Betweeen Lives regression was popularized by Dr. Michael Newtons' best-selling books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. This experience requires a very deep trance state, as the client is transitioned through the death scene of their last past life, and into the spirit world. Subjects report meeting their spiritual guide, identifying their best soulmates, reviewing their learning curve across lifetimes, standing before their council of elders, defining the purpose of the upcoming incarnation, and making their current parentage and body selection.

A Life Between Lives regression uses a similar method as the Past Life regression...but as it requires a deeper trance state, more time is required for stilling the outer mind and deepening. We spend some time in the past lifetime; primarily going to the death scene for entry into the spirit world. Much of the session is then used to investigate your experiences as a soul, in-between incarnations. Sessions are four to five hours in length, and cost $360. For more information, please visit The Newton Institute.

In light of Dr. Newtons' extensive experience, along with the combined experience of those of us trained in this work, we have found that having successful prior experience with hypnosis proves valuable due to the depth of trance required by the client. If you are new to regression, it is recommended that you experience a Past Life session before scheduling a Life Between Lives session.

If you are traveling from another city, please ensure you are well rested before your session(s), and plan for a period of restful introspection afterwards. If any particulars exist in your history and/or current treatment status, such as prior difficulty with hypnosis, medications affecting your mental state or ability to concentrate, emotional trauma or psychiatric care, please let me know before scheduling your appointment.




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